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The Features Of Reach Forklift

Jan. 29, 2019

The gantry or fork frame of the Reach Forklift can be moved back and forth. The gantry forward-moving forklift refers to the gantry moving the fork forward when working, extending or unloading the cargo outside the front wheel, and the fork when walking With the cargo retracted, the cargo center is in the support surface, and the fork forward forklift refers to the shelf moving the fork forward to work outside the front wheel. When walking, the fork causes the fork to retract into the support surface.

The reach truck has two forward legs, the legs are high, and the front end of the leg has two wheels. The function of the legs is to ensure the stability of the forklift under load. Compared with the leg-lifting forklift, the front wheel is larger and the legs are higher. The legs cannot be inserted into the bottom of the cargo during operation, and the gantry can be moved along the track on the inner side of the leg with the entire hoisting mechanism, so that the fork is taken The cargo can be retracted after a slight lifting of the height to ensure the stability of the forklift during operation. The forward-moving forklift, like the Electric Reach Forklift , has the center of gravity of the cargo falling into the support plane of the vehicle, so the stability is good. Suitable for work in workshops and warehouses. The reach truck has a small weight and is driven by an electric motor.

The gantry of the reach truck can be moved forward along the track on the inside of the leg with the hoisting mechanism to facilitate the forklifting of the goods. After the fork has been taken out of the cargo, after lifting a small height, the gantry returns to the original position along the track on the inner side of the leg.

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