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Strong Diesel Forklift's Driving Method

Jan. 17, 2019

Strong Diesel Forklifts are large in size, but their stability is good, suitable for heavy loads, and the use time is unlimited. The use of the forklifts is generally outdoors. High efficiency diesel forklift needs to have the basic Driving Method.

Checking before starting the engine.

1. Checking the ground for new oil traces, find the oil leaking area, and determine whether it can be operated or repaired according to the leakage situation.

2.Check if the engine oil, cooling water, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid is sufficient, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the oil.

3.Checking whether the steering system and the brake system are in compliance with the static or not.

Starting the forklift.

1. Start the engine, warm up for 3 to 5 minutes at medium speed, check if the oil pressure is normal, whether the charging is normal, release the handbrake, and start smoothly.

2.The feeling of holding the steering wheel when driving on a straight, hard, dry and clean road: no shim, deviation or other abnormal feeling.

Driving the High Efficiency Diesel Forklift on the ground.

1. Diesel Forklifts are strictly forbidden to carry people. It is strictly forbidden to stop, slide off, or step on the clutch.

2. Pass through narrow or low places, pass carefully, and if necessary, have a special person to command, not blindly or even forcibly

Parking the diesel forklift.

1. The Diesel forklift should be parked neatly on the right side of the horizontal road or at the designated place. 

2. The forklift should be placed on the ground. When the person leaves the forklift, the main power switch should be cut off, the hand brake should be tightened, the neutral should be hung, and the key should be turned on and off.

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