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The Introduction Of Full Ac Motor Forklift

Mar. 25, 2019

Full ac motor forklift introduction:

The Ac Motor Forklift integrates walking, lifting and intelligent control into one, realizing all-electric function, operating light and flexible, it is a new type of energy saving, efficient and environmental protection handling machinery. This type of electric carrier adopts imported full ac electric control system (ac drive motor, ac controller, ac steering motor, ac steering controller), which avoids the trouble of dc motor needing to replace carbon brush. The frame of the whole vehicle is made of low alloy manganese steel, which is firm and can bear heavy load. Widely used in large tonnage (6-10 tons) of ground goods, pallet movement and short distance transport. In factories, warehouses, logistics centers and many other places, the use of Electric Pallet Trucks for the unit pallet handling, both safe and efficient; Especially in some passages narrow corridor, elevator, assembly line and other workplace, can fully reflect its excellent flexibility, quiet and environmental performance.

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