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Tips For Purchasing Electric Forklifts

Apr. 12, 2019

Tips for purchasing electric forklifts:

Electric truck is so favored by enterprises and it energy saving, environmental protection, convenient, no noise, no pollution and other advantages are inseparable. Modern logistics has entered a new period of rapid development, and the manufacturing of logistics and warehousing equipment also shows diversity, from the original internal combustion forklift, manual carrier, manual stacking truck to the current electric forklift, electric carrier, electric stacking truck and so on. Electric series products have become an indispensable tool for logistics and warehousing, which reduces the cost and improves the efficiency for modern logistics' cargo handling and turnover, and also meets the needs of modern logistics development. Due to the increasing demand in the market, electric truck manufacturing enterprises are also more and more, in the more complex vertical brand, how to choose and buy? How does ability assure, the product that oneself choose and buy can have longer service life? How to distinguish the product quality between each manufacturer?

The following China Forklift Truck Agents to tell you how to avoid going into the car trap, procurement tips:

I. Take the brand of electric forklift used in the industry with poor working environment and heavy workload as the reference object. Only the electric forklift that can stand the test of harsh environment is a good forklift.

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2. The factory's electric stacking truck always has a lower ex-factory price than the price sold by the agent. If the user finds the price of the same type of product is much lower than the price quoted by the forklift production factory when comparing prices online, please beware of the fraudulent purchase trap. Do not think price is low choose and buy immediately, think can buy the product with high quality cheap price, on the contrary, the product quality with low price can have a problem certainly.

3. It is more important to know the strength and background of the manufacturer in certain fields through online inquiry or through relevant friends than to know a forklift truck from the surface.

4. Most enterprises attach more importance to brand and quality rather than the trend of price of the Engineering Forklift. Do not follow the trend. You can't just think about cheap prices.

5. The enterprise orders the forklift to had better pass the production factory, now the on-line sale unit is quite many, but the real production enterprise is not many. You are welcome to visit the real manufacturer. Even if there is no spot in the workshop, but at least a number of semi-finished products, accessories. If nothing else, it's not the real manufacturer.

6. After knowing and getting familiar with the whole product and the manufacturer, I will make the final decision. I believe that 90% of the choice is correct, and I am also relieved to buy the product for myself.

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