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About Custom Forklift Introduction

Mar. 04, 2019

Custom Forklifts | service first

Since the driving speed and commutation of the electric custom forklift are realized by changing the current magnitude and current direction of the driving motor, the electric forklift does not have a transmission and a clutch, directly controls the vehicle speed with the speed regulating pedal, and changes the traveling direction of the forklift with the reversing switch ( Go forward or reverse). As soon as the drive motor rotates, the electric forklift starts, its speed is controlled by adjusting the pedal, and the brake and parking brake cooperate to decelerate to stop. Electric forklifts are generally identical in construction to internal combustion forklifts, so the method of operation is roughly the same. However, due to differences in models and construction, it has its own characteristics. During operation, the operating range and force of each mechanism are heavier. It is necessary to repeatedly operate the experience to achieve proficiency and accuracy, and to ensure safe driving and operation.

Electrically Operated Forklift

1. Check whether the walking part and the hydraulic system work normally, especially the hydraulic components such as pipelines, joints, hydraulic cylinders and distribution valves. 2. Check whether the bearings and related operating parts are well lubricated and flexible. 3. Check the brake device, which should be flexible and reliable.

4. Electrical components such as contactors and push button switches, the protection level can reach IP65, PLC control, reliable operation, simple control circuit, and electrical box with switch. 5. The centralized lubrication system is automatically controlled by the program to start and stop and run time, effectively extending the service life of the rotating parts. The speed can be adjusted to meet the needs of various working conditions.

Custom Forklift

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