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Common Fault Of Forklift

Dec. 24, 2018

Today, Diesel Forklift Factory will bring you to understand some common causes and solutions for the use of Diesel Truck Forklifts. I hope to help everyone!

1. The oil return pipe of the lift cylinder is seriously leaking and automatically drops.

Mainly due to oil seal damage between the lift cylinder and the piston rod: replace the corresponding oil seal, but need to pay attention to the implementation process, the staff often do not work according to methods and techniques. This requires the development of a corresponding fixed ring of live hard iron, the oil seal is wrapped, clamped to the cylinder with pliers to prevent waste, and the manufactured live skin can be applied multiple times, saving resources.

2, the left and right lifting piston rods are not synchronized

The reason for the problem is the expansion of the Nylon guide sleeve between the two: in the implementation process, the Nissell guide sleeve is effectively integrated, and the Nylon guide sleeve is cut by three millimeters according to the hacksaw, so that it has a certain opening gap. The value of the expansion is guaranteed, and no problems occur during the application process.

3, no lifting, no direction

The hydraulic oil is imperfect, contains contaminants, and the hydraulic oil filter is broken: new hydraulic oil can be replaced in time. Or you can replace the effective filter in time.

4. The steering wheel is not flexible when turning the steering wheel

The reason is that the positioning reed of the steering gear is broken, and the steering cylinder is leaked: the solution is to rotate in the original direction, and the direction is too light, so that it is clear that the positioning reed has a problem, and it can be replaced.

5. The situation of jitter in the lifting process of the lift cylinder piston rod

The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank of High Efficiency Diesel Forklift is not perfect, which causes problems in the pump pressure. After that, it is necessary to clear the presence of air from the hydraulic line to the piston section of the cylinder: increase the hydraulic oil. If it is still not working properly, it is necessary to relax the return pipe of the lift cylinder. And the cylinder is raised to the top and then falls to the bottom, and the air present in the hydraulic line can be discharged by repeated operations, thereby effectively solving the problem.

Common Fault Of Forklift

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