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How to repair the door frame of the diesel truck forklift?

Apr. 23, 2019

How to repair the door frame of the forklift?

Repair method of forklift portal frame deformation shared by Diesel Truck Forklifts Manufacturer.

Forklift portal frame deformation can be eliminated by means of correction. When bending and distortion are small, cold correction with static load is allowed. When bending, distortion is too large, with cold pressing is not easy to correct, but heating correction, heating should minimize the heating area, heating temperature is generally not more than 700 ℃, and slow cooling, so as not to increase the brittleness.

Repair of forklift door frame cracks: if cracks are found during inspection, repair them.

1) the forklift door frame shall be calibrated before repair to maintain the inherent straightness of the door frame.

2) grinding cracks and metallic luster, and then carefully check, determine the crack line, the line extended 10 mm drill ¢5-8 mm ¢limit hole.

3) grinding the weld groove at the crack with grinding wheel.

4) for filling welding, it is better to use dc reverse polarity arc welding. The arc shall be as short as possible, the electrode diameter shall be 4mm, and the current shall be about 210-240a. Welding electrode should be 20 ° to 30 ° inclination direction. The filling and welding work shall start from drilling through the hole to the other end of the crack, and welding shall also be conducted on the reverse side. The height of the welding seam shall not exceed 1-2mm on the substrate plane. Welding temperature should be above 0 ℃.

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