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The Market Difference Of The Electric Truck And Manual truck

Apr. 26, 2019

The Market Difference Of The Electric Truck And Manual truck 

China Forklift truck agents shares that Electric truck is also known as electric pallet truck, manual truck is also known as hand cart, ground cattle and other different name.

Simple division: electric truck belongs to electric lifting goods, electric walking; Manual carrier belongs to manual hydraulic lifting goods, people pull walking;

1. Electric truck as the name implies lifting hoisting and propel are electric, as electric truck, drive device is a battery powered dc motor to drive the wheels rotate forward and turn, lifting device also comes from the motor drives the hydraulic pump station to drive hydraulic hydraulic oil cylinder of up and down, is a simple lift, mobile is electric drive.

2. Manual carrier is mainly used for pallet handling or direct handling of goods. Walking and lifting are realized by manpower. Lifting up and down hydraulic cylinders by manpower, to achieve the lifting of goods.

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