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How To Prevent Oil Leakage From Electric Truck

Mar. 15, 2019
1. Carefully dispose all kinds of liners of Electric Stacker Pallet Truck. Such as oil pan or valve cover cover, because the touch area is large, not easy to compact, simple formation of oil leakage. After the crankshaft oil seal leakage, oil will enter the clutch, both the cost of oil and will make the clutch disc fouling slip and burn.

2. Tighten nuts according to repair standards. Too loose pressure not tight liner will leak oil; Too tight will make the screw hole around the metal convex or screw screw slip resulting in oil leakage.

3. Timely replace worn parts. For example, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring wear to a certain extent, will make the burning chamber high pressure gas into the crankcase.

4. Replace the failed oil seal of the forklift from China Forklift Truck distribution in time. Improper oil sealing device, the shaft neck and the cutting edge of the oil seal are not the same as the heart, it is very simple because of deflection and oil; After some classics are used for a long time, can lose flexibility because of rubber ageing, sealing labial mouth is damaged craze or since tighten spring failure, all can lose sealing oil effect, answer to revise by the standard or replace eligible fittings.

5. Repair and replace the main bearing in time. When the gap between the main bearing and the shaft neck is too large, the front and rear oil seals will lose their tightness due to the crankshaft impact effect, resulting in oil leakage from the crankshaft head or oil seepage into the clutch, and then the friction disc will be contaminated, resulting in slippage and failure of operation.

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