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The Operation Notes For Forklift

Apr. 29, 2019

Forklift operation notes:

1. Drivers who have been trained and hold a driving license can drive;

2. Check the control and alarm devices before starting the machine. If any damage or defect is found, it shall be operated after repair;

3. Handling should not exceed the specified load, the fork must be all inserted under the goods, and make the goods evenly on the fork, not with a single fork pick goods;

4. Start, turn, drive, brake and stop smoothly, and slow down when turning on wet or smooth road;

5. When loading, lower the load and tilt the door frame backward;

6. Be careful when driving on ramps. When more than 1/10th of ramps are driven, the upper slope shall be driven forward, and the lower slope shall be driven backward.

7. Pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes when driving, and pay attention to the gap above the forklift;

8. Are not allowed to stand on the fork, the car is not allowed to carry people;

9. No one is allowed to stand under the fork or walk under the fork;

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10. Do not operate the vehicle and its equipment from a position other than the driver's seat;

11. Do not handle the goods that are not fixed or loosely stowed, and handle the goods with larger size carefully;

12. The forklift with a lifting height of more than 3 meters should pay attention to the falling of the goods above, and take protective measures if necessary; When working, try to make the door frame lean back and back in the minimum range;

13. Fuel, the driver do not in the car, and make the engine off, check the battery or fuel tank level, do not ignite;

14. When leaving the vehicle, lower the fork to the ground and put the gear handle in neutral position. When the engine is cut off and the power is cut off, pull the hand brake well.

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