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The Cause Of An Accident In Driving An Diesel Forklift Trucks

Jan. 19, 2019

1. Violation of the rules;

2. Driving illegally (such as speeding, rushing, etc.);

3.  do not seriously look forward to the start, the idea of dispersion in operation, there are eager to complete the task or to save trouble;

4, do not carefully maintain, check the Universal Diesel Forklift Trucks, safety devices (steering, braking, horn, lighting, etc.) are not complete and effective, fuel dripping, excessive tire wear, forklift with disease operation;

5. After the sight line is poor and the visual moment is better than the road listening area (such as narrow passage, curved road, roadside obstacles, etc.), the driver is blind and confident, does not slow down according to the chapter, and has no idea of dealing with emergencies.

6. When going downhill, the road slides (rainy days, road surface stained with water, smooth ground, steel plates, etc.) do not decelerate, rush direction or emergency braking, causing side slip or even rollover.

7. The aging of the wires (including the wires for charging) is broken, the fixing is not strong, the grounding is poor, the contact is poor, and the main switch is not cut off when the person leaves the Strong Diesel Forklift.

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