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Shanghai Huili Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Huili Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is one of important sectors of Huili Group, established in 2011.The modern factory and process layout, advanced production equipment beckon Huili “sincere and modest ,profound and long-standing” brand connotation .

Professional focus

Focusing on the forklift industry for fifteen years, we have cooperated with many channels in the world to carry out the centralized service of integrating machine sales, machine leasing, parts retailing, maintenance and forklift training, forming a three-dimensional marketing system.

Customized service

Forklift trucks are industrial trucks. At the same time of warehousing and logistics, we will develop the most perfect forklift for you according to different working conditions, handling characteristics and warehouse conditions.

Metallurgical forklifts

Cold storage

Aerial work forklift

Explosion-proof forklift

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  • 24-hour technical consultation

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