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Battery Forklift Maintenance

Battery forklift mainly consists of 8 systems1. Power drive system

Maintenance of the Battery Forklift

1、Battery forklift structure

Battery Forklift Maintenance

2、 Battery forklift mainly consists of 8 systems

1. Power drive system

2. Steering system

3. Brake system

4. Hydraulic system

5. Electrical system

6.  Weight, frame and overhead guard

7.  Working device

8. Covering parts

3、maintenance of the battery forklift

maintenance of the battery

1. Battery filled with pure water

A.During the course of operation, water in the battery electrolyte will reduce because of electrolyzation and evaporation so that electrolyte level reduces. If pure water is not filled into the battery in time, service life of battery plate will be shortened. Check it regularly and fill pure water in time.

B.The battery can be filled with pure water within 1-2 hours after charging is complete. It is not allowed to fill pure water before charging and during the course of charging.

Normal electrolyte level as follows:

Battery Forklift Maintenance

2. check specific gravity regularly

Measuring steps: open filling plug and insert a hydrometer to absorb a little electrolyte so that the dobber in the hydrometer floats, make sure top end of the dobber does not touch rubber ball and outer wall of pipe. Put the hydrometer straight, gaze at liquid level horizontally: at recession, the scale on the dobber is the value of specific gravity. Specific gravity of the electrolyte is related to the temperature. Measure electrolyte temperature.

Standard value: at 20℃, the density is 1.28kg/L

Battery Forklift Maintenance

DC motor maintenance

1. Check the motor once every six months according to the following methods.

A、Remove dirt, deposited ash and carbon (carbon ash due to electric brush wear) from the motor to facilitate normal work and heat radiation of the motor;

B、Check electric brush for wear; if necessary, replace electric brush.

2. According to specific plan, overhaul the forklift once every year or 2,400 working hours.

3. Check the motor off the forklift

4.  Disassemble the motor (maintenance staff who has been professionally trained can disassemble it)

5.Replace bearing

6.Replace electric brush

7. Commutator excircle repair

8. Motor assembling

3. battery forklift Common faults

A、battery plate sulfation

B、Short circuit in the battery

C、Battery capacity insufficient

D、Active substances of battery plate falling off excessively

E、Battery antipole

F、The motor does not run

G、Drive noise is high

H、Spline shaft or spline housing is worn earlier.

I、Electric brush is worn easily

J、Travelling controller does not work

K、E-stop switch fails

L、Steering motor does not work

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